Plugin ImmersiView for WordPress

All you have to know about this plugin

This page present the beta version of ImmersiView for WordPress, a new kind of gallery plugin, based on PixiJS (WebGL renderer).

ImmersiView allows you to display an immersive gallery of your contents.

We’re now coding features to give a lots of capabilities to the plugin to use it into your own WordPress website.
This plugin ImmersiView for WordPress is like a gallery to show more contents to your visitors, and let them navigate in an infinity gallery by choosing the picture they prefer to discover your contents.
User can drag & drop the gallery of pictures, it’s like endless !
The ImmersiView shows a gallery of thumbnails you can drag & drop. When the use click a picture, the title, the date and excerpt of your contents will be shown  into an overlay over the ImmersiView gallery.

ImmersiView plugin is actually developed to work on WordPress 5.6 and later.

Some technical informations :

  • Fully automnous plugin
  • Use 2D WebGL & Canvas
  • 2 types of fallback for slow devices
  • jSon Based
  • Ajax Based
  • Allows default WordPress post and pages types (more to come)
  • Allows WordPress image gallery (WIP)
  • Need WordPress native thumbnails compliant theme
  • Will be filterable
  • Plugin developed from WordPress plugin boilerplate
  • Code using the WordPress Codex as a guide.
  • Multilingual Ready (WIP)

Use the contact form bellow to be informed on the next steps! (NO SPAM from you, NO SPAM from me 🙂

This plugins is well structured thanks to articles 1 and 2 form which helps me to find the way to develop a clean and well coded plugin, and the fantastic help of to generate the base.
ImmersiView plugin is hosted on a private GitLab project.

See You soon !

Xavier – 15/01/2021

ImmersiView for WordPress

The next page show you a gallery made with the plugin ImmersiView for WordPress in action

At the beginning

It was a single gallery plugin. That means that you could only have one ImmersiView(er) on your website.

But that… Was before! Now we can setup severals ImmersiViewers on a single WordPress Site.

Easy To Use & Flexible

Make ImmersiView(er)s from any native WP contents : Post, Pages, Galleries, filtered by categories or not, ordered by date, title, random.

Create an ImmersiView(er) for each categories, or from a native Worpdress image gallery !

Easy to setup, in a second you show your content as you’ve never seen!

ImmersiView from WP Gallery :

ImmersiView for WordPress

The next page show you the plugin ImmersiView for WordPress in action

ImmersiView plugin compatibility

the ImmersiView WordPress plugin is developed running with any basic theme given with WordPress.
Due to low dependencies to other plugins, coded respectfully with best practices, we chose to avoid loading heavy lib to build the back-office too.


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