ImmersiView for WordPress

This page present the beta version of ImmersiView for WordPress, a new plugin based on PixiJS, the fastest, most flexible 2D WebGL renderer.

ImmersiView allows you to display an immersive view of your contents.

We’re now coding features to give a lots of capabilities to the plugin to use it into your own WordPress website.
This plugin ImmersiView for WordPress is like a tunnel to show more contents to your visitors, and let them navigate by choosing the picture they prefer to discover your contents.
User can drag & drop the pictures, it’s endless !
The ImmersiView show the picture, the title, the date and will show and excerpt of your contents into an overlay over the ImmersiView when user click any image.

ImmersiView plugin is actually developed to work on WordPress 5.6 and later.

Actually, you should not be able to read the content of this page, because of the overlay of the ImmersiView plugin. This is en temporary page, used for explain, SEO and demonstration.
It will be updated soon.

If you really want to ready this article about ImmersiView Plugin easily, click here!

See You soon !

Xavier – 15/01/2021